Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI)

At Saniservice's Indoor Sciences Division, we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and effective tools for assessing indoor environmental quality. One such tool is the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI), developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a research tool to investigate mold contamination in homes.

A Powerful Tool for Assessing Indoor Mold Contamination

The ERMI is a standardized method for quantifying the relative abundance of 36 different mold species found in a home’s dust sample. By analyzing the concentrations of these mold species, the ERMI can provide an objective assessment of the “moldiness” of a given indoor environment.The ERMI test involves collecting a dust sample, typically from carpeted areas, and analyzing it using advanced mold-specific quantitative PCR (MSQPCR) technology. This highly sensitive DNA-based method allows us to precisely identify and measure the levels of various mold species.

To provide context, the ERMI results are compared to a national database of over 1,000 homes, allowing us to determine where your indoor environment falls on the relative moldiness scale:

  • ERMI Score -10 to -4 (Quartile 1): Low Relative Moldiness
  • ERMI Score -4 to 0 (Quartile 2): Low to Medium Relative Moldiness
  • ERMI Score 0 to 5 (Quartile 3): Medium to High Relative Moldiness
  • ERMI Score 5 to 20 (Quartile 4): High Relative Moldiness
  • ERMI Score > 20: Very High Relative Moldiness

Understanding the ERMI

The ERMI offers several advantages over traditional mold screening methods:

  1. Carpet dust acts as a reservoir for mold spores and is more representative of mold levels over time versus short-term air samples.
  2. The use of MSQPCR for this test allows for increased precision as it is based on a biochemical assay using calibrated instrumentation.
  3. The ERMI provides an objective and standardized method for screening homes for mold, allowing for comparison across different environments.

Advantages of the ERMI Test

By incorporating the ERMI test into our comprehensive indoor air quality assessments, Saniservice’s Indoor Sciences Division can provide you with a detailed understanding of the mold-related risks in your home. This information is invaluable in developing targeted solutions to address the root causes of mold growth and improve the overall indoor environmental quality.Whether you’re concerned about the health of your family, preparing to purchase a new home, or seeking to optimize the performance of your existing living or working space, the ERMI test is a powerful tool in our arsenal. Contact us today to learn more about how Saniservice can help you create a healthier, more sustainable indoor environment.

Leveraging the ERMI for Healthier Homes

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