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About us

We are the only IAC2 Certified Consultants in the GCC Region.

We are the only Indoor Environment Consultants in the UAE that is certified by the International Association of Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) for Air and Mould Inspection, Testing and Mitigation.

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International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
InterNACHI Certified
•Green Building Inspection
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Full IAQ Test

Complete Indoor Air Quality Test / Benchmark - for Residential and Corporate clients.

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Consult with our experts

We undertand the urgency and importance of indoor environmental issue.  This is why we have dedicated Certified  Indoor Air Consultants and Microbiologist available to you when you need them.  Whether it’s to consult on existing problems or to discuss laboratory results and findings, Saniservice Indoor Science Department is ready and equipped to help you with your indoor health concerns.  

Our Partner


Saniservice partnered with a Functional and Performance Clinic called Yutopia, which specializes in Mould Toxicity Tests and other holistic treatment regimens that are tailored to their performance and well-being goals and lifestyle needs, as well as treating the root causes of complicated and persistent chronic diseases. 

Yutopia will perform a complete assessment that captures possible symptoms of mould toxicity in your environment. MycoTOX screens for 11 different mycotoxins from 40 species of moulds. The samples are sent to a specialized laboratory in the USA for analysis.

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